Easy configuration of WinDom applications

by Dominique Béréziat


  • WinConf version 2.02 (recompilation using WinDom 1.10 PreRelease 02) - feb 02.

    What is WinConf ?

    WinDom is a high-level GEM library (see WinDom Library). A cool feature of WinDom allows the user (and not the developer of the application) to configure all look and feel parameters of the GUI using an unique configuration file read by WinDom application. WinConf is dedicated to the edition of this file.

    Main Features

    WinConf 2 is really powerfull. It is totally graphic : each variable are represented as button, poplist, font or file selector or a an editable field (see a screenshoot).

    WinConf is programmable. A set of template file describe and identify a list of variable for each programme. It is possible to create specific configuration for custom variable (i.e. non WinDom variable).



    Dominique Béréziat
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