AVtools Release 03

by Dominique Béréziat


What is it ?

AVtools is a small package to handle GEM-protocol and specially AV-protocol in a command interpretor. If you use Mupfel and an AVserver (MagiC-Desk, Thing or Jinnee), this package is for you ! Currently only Mupfel is supported but if you know an another command interpretor running MagiC (tcsh would be a great thing) i can adpate AVtools.

Description of the package

The package contains only two commands : applwrit and applfind which are the implementations as TTP program of the AES functions appl_write() and appl_find(). The first one allows you to send a message to a GEM application and the second one allows you to know the AES identificator of a GEM application. Otherwise, the package contains mupfel scripts using theses commands such as :

What's new ?


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